Grassroots Police Advocacy Training Program

Welcome to the Grassroots Advocacy Training Program. This training covers the most important issues impacting police and law enforcement across the country, including: Police Oversight Boards, Illegal Immigration, Gun Control Laws, Sheriff Elections, and Mental Health. Through this training we can equip, you, citizen activists with the tools you need to get involved in the local political process and stand up for police officers across the country.

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Sheriffs play a unique and important role in law enforcement across the United States. They can sometimes be confused with state and local police, but the sheriff serves and holds a very different role than your typical law enforcement officer. So while most local law enforcement officers report to the local police chief, who then report to the local politicians, the sheriffs report directly to the people that elected them, cutting out the politicians in between. Sheriffs have arguably never been more important than they are right now, and it’s bringing the position under attack in many places across the country.

Gun laws can endanger law enforcement, especially red flag laws. Red Flag laws are intended to protect people from gun violence. These laws are meant to get guns out of the hands of people who are a danger to themselves or others. The problem with these laws is most of them lack due process. Someone could make a weak claim against someone and a activist judge could order guns taken away based on little evidence. This would put law enforcement in danger of taking guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens for no reasons.


Colorado mother uses red flag law against cop

Immigration is one of the major issues that is affecting law enforcement in this country. This is a movement to create sanctuary cities in this country. Some areas of the country already have these cities. These cities cause a big problem for local police. These cities have laws that prevent law enforcement from working with ICE. By not working with ICE, criminal illegal immigrants will have safety in our country. We need to stop the spread of these sanctuary cities to help our nation’s law enforcement.

Mental Health is an unseen issue that affects law enforcement and does not get much attention by the mainstream media.  It is an issue that we need to take seriously and address.


Antifa is an anti-fascist political movement that is comprised of many independent and autonomous groups and organizations that support anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian views. The Antifa movement displayed its power in the summer of 2020 when it took control of major segments of cities like Seattle and Washington DC.