What Others Say...

I have had the pleasure of working with American Police Officers Alliance at the grassroots level. They understand that to make change and engage in the public policy debate that you have to connect with the grassroots. Defending the second amendment, protecting our communities from crime, supporting our law enforcement are vitally important for me, and it is important to the American Police Officers Alliance. It has been a pleasure to work with them on the ground.

- Bob Dohnal

Wisconsin Conservative Digest

- Captain Stan Seo

King County Sherriff’s Office, Seattle Washington

“American Police Officers Alliance was quick to step in and provide assistance when we needed it most!”

- Nashville FOP

“We are very grateful to the American Police Officers Alliance for the help we have received from you.

You made it possible for our opposition to Prop 205 – The Sanctuary City Initiative to reach a much wider audience than we would have without you.  Without your help we would not have been able to handle the digital marketing that brought a huge increase in traffic to our website with 316,000 impressions and 1,061 clicks throughs. When we started we were a handful of volunteers and today we have over 450 volunteers.”

- Karen Schutte

Executive Director
Citizens for a Safe and Prosperous Tucson

“We are honored to have you stand with us. Thank you for your support.”

- Congressional Leadership Fund

“The Republican Attorney Generals Association is grateful for the hard work and support of the American Police Officers Alliance in 2019.”

- Danielle Cleveland

I would like to thank the American Police Officers Alliance for sponsoring Greg Stube for the Wisconsin Conservative Digest Annual Conservative Political Education Conference (CPEC).  It was great to hear him speak and energize our crowd.  I will look forward to partnering with the American Police Officers Alliance in the future.

- Bob Dohnal

Wisconsin Conservative Digest

- Sheriff Richard Mack

President of Constitutional Sheriff and Police Officers Association