Illegal Immigration in the United States

Why is Illegal Immigration an Issue?

No nation can ever truly be secure if it does not have strong borders. That is why illegal immigration through America’s southern border is one the most pressing issues facing not only our country as a whole, but also greatly affects our law enforcement community. 

Why the Southern Border Crisis Matter for Law Enforcement?

When our borders are left open, it creates a humanitarian crisis for those making the extremely dangerous journey. It leaves our country vulnerable to increased crime and an influx of illicit drugs, guns, and human trafficking. In the end, it leaves local law enforcement and our communities dealing with the issues that follow. 

After years of the Trump Administration making a secure southern border a top priority, the Biden Administration is undoing the progress. Completing the wall at the southern border has been halted, and a surge of illegal immigrants are now flooding border states. 

Between a Biden Administration that is no longer enforcing effective policies and local governments who obstruct immigration officers, we are quickly heading into a crisis that must be stopped.

Illegal Immigation FAQ's

Migrants seeking entrance into the United States through our southern border often originate in Central America countries where they often form caravans and make the journey en masse. Once they approach Mexico, migrants are typically brought to our borders by Mexican Cartel “Coyotes” who are paid handsomely to bring the migrants the rest of the way. It is essentially a system of human trafficking which can often lead to sexual abuse, drug trafficking, and even death for the migrants, and one that enriches criminal cartels who plague Mexico.

Catch & Release is the practice of releasing newly apprehended illegal immigrants back into US cities instead of holding them in migrant facilities. The Biden Administration has recently relaunched the practice after the Trump Administration put a stop to it. The practice of Catch & Release effectively creates an open border where the illegal immigrant with an unknown history is sent into the country without consequence as they wait for their case to be adjudicated.  It allows potential criminals to enter America without consequence and often permanently.

“Remain in Mexico” was an arrangement agreed upon between the Trump Administration and the Mexican government. The agreement stipulated that migrants looking to enter the United States through Mexico would be held in that country if apprehended before they reached America. They would remain there until their cases were heard or they returned home. The program which helped reduce illegal border crossings by as mush as 70% from their 2019 highs has also been abandoned by the Biden Administration leading into the current crisis.

A sanctuary city is essentially an American city who will not deport illegal aliens. Besides policies which lead to virtually open borders, sanctuary cities are one of the biggest contributors to the decades old problem of illegal immigration into the United States, whether through our borders or by overstaying an immigration visa. Local governments who run sanctuary cities do not only make it policy not to deport illegal aliens living in their community, they often obstruct federal agencies such as ICE from apprehending them as well. Sanctuary cities create havens for not only non-violent illegal aliens, but dangerous and violent criminals who pose a threat to law enforcement and the lawful residents within the city itself. 

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