American Police Officers Alliance is dedicated to holding our elected officials accountable to their constituents and ensuring that our brave police officers are represented at every level of government by politicians who truly understand the issues that matter most. 

Police Oversight Boards

What are Police Oversight Boards? Police oversight boards, also known as civilian oversight boards, have been implemented to improve community trust in police. But law enforcement officers and union officials are appropriately skeptical of untrained, under-resourced oversight boards. We have spent the better part of the past 12 months warning about the excessive power that these oversight boards possess.

Red Flag Laws and 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries

What are Red Flag Laws? When gun control activists attack our Second Amendment rights, it leaves police officers and the American public at risk. The legislative attempts to ban AR-type “assault rifles” amount to nothing less than an illegal gun seizure and confiscation. The enforcement of such laws puts police officers and sheriffs in the dangerous position of being forced to take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens. Sanctuary cities place law enforcement officers directly in harm’s way and hamstring them in their attempts to enforce the rule of law. 

Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is an important issue facing our nation’s law enforcement. We need to stand with our nation’s law enforcement regarding immigration. Not only do we need strong borders, we need to stop city councils from preventing law enforcement from working with ICE.

Sheriff Elections

Sheriff elections are crucial to the country and our safety. We must look to sheriffs who uphold the law. With today’s hyper-political culture, we risk sheriffs being removed for political affiliations, not on-the-job performance. The true reasons to remove a sheriff are corruption, failing to uphold laws, and failing to defend constitutional rights, not based on political allegiance.

Mental Health

Mental health is an issue that affects almost every police officer in this country. We need to address this with greater concern. Our officers put their lives on the line for us, the least we can do is increase awareness and funding for police officers mental health.


What is ANTIFA? ANTIFA is a violence left wing extremist organization. Their big claim is that they are anti-fascists. In reality it is not what they claim to be. They try to achieve their goals through violence and intimidation.  Some of the leftist government officials even give into their demands to prevent damage and destruction.  Other leftist government officials even side with their demands, like defunding the police. We must stand vigilant with the rise of ANTIFA.