Grassroots Police Advocacy Training Program

Why Grassroots Police Advocacy Training?

Law Enforcement Officers need the support of communities and help from the public at large in order to combat the negative media coverage they receive on a daily basis. It’s up to American citizens and patriots to advocate for police and protect them against biased politicians that only want to use police officers as political pawns.

Politicians don’t stand for police issues, so someone must. When good police officers are being used as props in a skewed political agenda, morale suffers and, as we’ve seen, it puts our brave police in even more danger.

Local Police Advocates – You can Help Make a Difference!

Real Americans understand the value of the Constitution and stand up for the rule of law. Americans like you and I believe that a strong police force is necessary for a strong America. Police need great Americans, like you, to help combat the anti-police movement, spread the truth about what it takes to be a police officer in America, and become a local police advocate. American Police Officers Alliance’s grassroots training program will help you do that.

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