2020 Voter Initiative - American Police Officers Alliance

American Police Officers Alliance’s 2020 Voter Initiative: Use Your Vote to Support Law Enforcement

Local police need our help and they are expecting us to step up for them this November. 

The elections are just six short months away and we’re excited to announce our 2020 voter initiative to remind Americans to use your vote to support law enforcement. 

We recently launched a large direct mail campaign to encourage voters all over the United States to use their vote to support law enforcement in upcoming local, state, and national elections. Our mission is to help elect local leaders who respect and understand the decisions police officers are forced to make each day, and will fight for their rights and ensure that police officers are receiving the support, tools, training, and compensation they need and deserve. The mail campaign is expected to reach thousands of Voters over the next few months.

The mail campaign is part of our larger 2020 voter initiative, along with the American Police Officers Alliance 2020 Voter Guide that is available for download here.  Our 2020 voter initiative will engage voters all over the country and remind them that one of the best ways they can support our men and women in blue is through their vote. It’s never been more clear that lawmakers at the local level hold a lot of power over law enforcement, and we need to remember that when we head to the ballot box.

A few of the key local issues this election year include Police Oversight Boards, Immigration, and Red Flag legislation. These are not just law enforcement issues, these are community issues that all voters should be paying attention to and making their voices heard on how they stand. 

Let us know if you receive one of the mail pieces and please share the info with your friends, family, and neighbors. Don’t forget to download the 2020 Voter Guide here.  

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