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Election Alert: Constitutional Sheriffs Running for Office in TX and AZ

Over the past few years, the role of local elected officials has risen in prominence, partly prompted by what many conservatives feel is a “relentless attack” from the Federal Government. A key position in this ideological debate is the role of the Sheriff: as heads of local law enforcement, they hold a unique position of trust and power.

Sheriffs often stay closer to residents’ hearts and ideals in small towns and rural communities. This is why Sheriff Elections are often a quiet yet big deal. As part of 2024’s widespread renewal of public offices, we must turn to two key states: Texas and Arizona, where the well-organized fraternity of Constitutional Sheriffs promises to stop Washington’s interference.

What are “Constitutional Sheriffs”?

The concept of a “Constitutional Sheriff” is not new–but their movement has gained significant traction over the past few years.

A “Constitutional Sheriff” is one who sincerely believes that part of a Sheriff’s mandate, under the Constitution, is to enforce the ideals of the Constitution, even when they contradict other local or State laws.

What does this mean? A quick glimpse at the news will offer many examples of State Governors and Federal agencies overstepping their boundaries or jeopardizing the ideals of peace, safety, and freedom described in our Bill of Rights. Constitutional Sheriffs – organized and trained by the CSPOA, or Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association – will actively protect the U.S. Constitution by refusing to enforce such regulations within their territory.

What is Their Mission?

Constitutional Sheriffs Running for Office in TX and AZ

Currently, the CSPOA has two main objectives: first, they seek to empower Sheriffs to do right by the Constitution. Through training seminars and awareness campaigns, they provide local sheriffs with the legal tools to stand their ground and recover their true place as the faces of the law in their towns.

Second, the CSPOA also seeks to bring greater awareness to the many attacks the country’s ideals are subjected to. From violations of the Second Amendment to “public health regulations,” the organization’s members recognize that threats to the Constitutional order are at an all-time high. Therefore, it’s urgent to elect more Sheriffs willing to protect the Constitution and to bring more elected Sheriffs to their banner.

Key Races for the Constitutional Sheriff Movement

Texas and Arizona will replace or confirm their existing sheriffs across the state. For CSPOA, this is the perfect opportunity to add more fighters to their struggle and consolidate the gains from previous years.

Key Sheriff Seats in Texas

McLennan County’s Sheriff Parnell McNamara has been one of CSPOA’s key organizing figures for the past 5 years. And yet, the political cost of his convictions has been steep: he is currently faced with an aggressive demonization and misinformation campaign, which his liberal opponents seek to use to replace him.

McNamara, a former U.S. Marshal with over 30 years of experience, will face off against Democrat Jeff Aguirre in November, who is running on a “labor rights” platform and wider support for Federal authorities.

A similar battle is faced by Sheriff Scott Williams from Coryell County. After three terms in office, he now faces opposition both from within his party and from the opposing side. But he knows in his heart that his job is far from finished.

Possible openings in Arizona

The CSPOA’s founder, Richard Mack, considers Arizona his movement’s birthplace. Therefore, It should not be surprising that several candidates have chosen to follow him.

Currently, the Counties of Pinal, Cochise, and La Paz have all elected Constitutional Sheriffs and will likely see them reelected. Meanwhile, in Mohace, Santa Cruz, and Yuma, the upcoming Republican sheriff primaries may provide extra support for November.

These are races worth watching in a State that is among the worst affected by the border crisis (and by federal inefficiency).

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