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American Police Officers Alliance Joins Gun Owners of America in Support of the “Fourth Amendment Is Not for Sale Act”

For Immediate Release

[4/15/24, WASHINGTON D.C.] – The American Police Officers Alliance proudly announces its unwavering support for the Fourth Amendment Is Not for Sale Act (H.R.4639), legislation designed to safeguard the fundamental rights of all Americans. As an organization dedicated to upholding the principles of justice and protecting the rights of law enforcement officers and citizens alike, American Police Officers Alliance recognizes the critical importance of preserving this constitutional right to privacy. 

The Fourth Amendment Is Not for Sale Act seeks to address these concerns by prohibiting the government from purchasing information about individuals from data brokers for surveillance purposes without a warrant. By closing this loophole, the legislation aims to uphold the privacy rights enshrined in the Constitution and ensure that law enforcement activities are conducted within the bounds of the law.

“In a time when our communication is largely conducted and disseminated in the digital realm, we must ensure that those communications are protected from warrantless government searches.  We need to ensure that all digital communications are protected so that law enforcement agencies are not mandated to or compelled to uphold or enforce unconstitutional laws. American Police Officers Alliance fully endorses H.R.4639 – Fourth Amendment Is Not For Sale Act. This is a crucial step in the digital age and it must be passed to protect the rights of American citizens and to uphold our Constitutional rights,” Daniel Stuebs, Executive Director of American Police Officers Alliance, said in a statement. 

The Fourth Amendment Is Not for Sale Act has garnered support in Congress and has been endorsed by a wide range of organizations, including Gun Owners of America. American Police Officers Alliance urges lawmakers to prioritize the passage of this critical legislation to uphold the constitutional rights of all Americans.

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