2020 Voter Guide - American Police Officers Alliance

We Have Updated Our Police Support Voter Guide for 2020

Earlier this year, we launched a voter guide to help shed light on the important issues facing members of the Police community. And what a whirlwind year it has been! First came the shock of the Covid-19 pandemic, which created a host of unique issues regarding personal safety, interacting with an infected community, and simply having the necessary equipment available for Police to do their jobs safely. Then came the death of George Floyd at the beginning of the summer, and everything changed. Massive Anti-Police protests broke out across the country. Then came the rioting. And with the rioting came the calls from the Left to “Defund the Police,” altogether. These movements and violent attacks have been spearheaded by the Radical Leftist groups, such as ANTIFA & Black Lives Matter, and have resulted in police being targeted and communities being decimated. In light of these events, we have decided to update our Voter Guide.

The concept of “Defunding” our Police is a staple of this new radical movement to reimagine the structures of our communities, which has ultimately made communities and private citizens far less safe. The death of George Floyd was the spark which set this national powder keg off, and Minneapolis, MN, became one of the first cities to achieve the stated goal of defunding the Police. From NPR on June 26th, 2020: “The Minneapolis City Council on Friday unanimously approved a proposal to eliminate the city’s police department, marking the first step toward establishing a new “holistic” approach to public safety.”

2020 Voter Guide - American Police Officers Alliance

With the success of this measure, the nation was asked to bear witness to the fist thriving community in the country without a major Police presence. We are still waiting, to put it mildly. At the beginning of August, The Post Millennial reported that the Minneapolis Police had been so far diminished that they desperately resorted to publishing a letter to their community. The letter was meant to make clear: The Police could not protect them from the massive surge in robberies and carjackings which began to flourish in this new Defunded Utopia. Minneapolis is just one example of the insanity being forced onto American citizens with this Defund movement; New York City and Seattle have also followed Minneapolis’ lead, resulting in massive surges in violent crime. 

The leftist militant group, ANTIFA, has been the twin flame to the insane movement to reduce Police presence in our communities. You may recognize the group-they are typically dressed in Black, wearing masks, and allowed to torch cities like Portland and Kenosha, Wisconsin without impunity. ANTIFA is an acronym for “Anti-Fascist,” but somehow police and innocent business owners are the only ones they seem to ever target. We’ve all seen them on TV, waving their Black flags, shooting fireworks and other explosives at Federal Courthouses and emergency personnel, but if you were to ask Congressman Jerry Nadler, they might as well be the Boogeyman. They even chased Portland Mayor, Ted Wheeler, out of his own condo with their relentless rioting outside it, yet he could only bring himself to blame Donald Trump. ANTIFA is no joke. And they appear to have partisan support by members of the Democratic Party who refuse to condemn them. To learn more about ANTIFA visit our post on the group here.We have updated our voter guide for one simple reason: Police in this country have become a target. It is no longer enough to examine individual cases of Police misconduct. People in power in this country, and their supporters, for one reason or another want to see Police Defunded, Deflated, and Defeated. Why else would Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler put a ban on non-lethal crowd control methods such as  tear gas after rioters have attempted to blind officers and burn Federal Agents alive for months? Why else would a would-be assassin in Compton, CA, feel emboldened enough to ambush and shoot two Police Officers in the head while they sat defenselessly in their patrol vehicle? Why would a group of “protestors” show up outside the hospital treating those two human beings and chant for their death? Police are a target, and this is the most important election cycle in history if we hope to combat this criminal element gaining a foothold in our society. Vote accordingly.