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Amidst Cuomo Disaster, New York Sheriff Announces Bid for Governor in 2022

The state of New York is being decimated. Tens of thousands have died in the state from the Covid-19 Virus. The economy is in shambles. People who can afford to leave, are doing so in droves. Police are targeted in communities such as Rochester, and worst of all, New York City. To put it plainly, the global pandemic has created a domino effect of one disaster after another in The Empire State, and has completely exposed the inept, partisan leadership at the top.

And at the top of the New York State Government, the buck stops at the desk of Governor Andrew Cuomo. But what responsibility has he taken for the failures of his leadership there? Instead of humbly acknowledging the mistakes his government made which led to the highest Covid-19 death count in any state in the country, he made time to write a self-congratulating book titled, American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the Covid-19 Pandemic.

New York Sheriff - American Police Officers Alliance

When the Rochester Police Department was targeted by BLM protests and the city was swarmed with rioters, what did Governor Cuomo do to stem the unrest in that city? Nothing. Instead the top leadership of that department resigned in protest, and Cuomo’s Attorney General, Leticia James, spent her time going after the NRA. When Cuomo admitted that his current repression of religious institutions, most notably the Orthodox Synagogues of New York City, was on the edge of Government overreach, he simply laughed. The Covid-19 Era has proven Cuomo to be a tinpot dictator who fancies himself the Emperor of New York.

Will his reign go unchecked? Not if Lewis County Sheriff Mike Carpinelli can help it. Carpinelli has announced that he will be running as a Republican to challenge Governor Cuomo in the 2022 Election Cycle. He told WWNY 7News that he is running to give every New Yorker a voice:

“I really want to hear from the people. I’m not going run down there with just my ideas. This isn’t about me, it’s about all of you out there. So I just want bring some unity back, that’s what I want to do. Number one: calm things down, put the breaks on all these laws we are pushing out so quickly. We need to slow things down -take a look at what we already have and decide where we are going.”

But Sheriff Carpinelli will need support if he is going to have the opportunity to run for the Governor of New York. His journey will begin in February of 2022 and he must gain 15,000 signatures on a petition to secure a place on the ballots.

It is clear that New York is in desperate need of a change in leadership. The state is just one of many which seem to be falling prey to a sweeping and devastating wave of Liberal Progressivism which has ruined local economies, created a two tiered justice system, and allocated far too much power into the hands of Governors willing to use unconstitutional policies which are destroying their communities. Let’s make sure people like Sheriff Carpinelli gets the support they need to set our country back on the right track!

The value of the sheriff’s office cannot be underestimated, which is why these departments must have support not just from voters but also from fellow elected officials and board members. Learn more here.

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