2022 Voter Guide - American Police Officers Alliance

Announcing: 2022 Voter Guide for Midterm Elections!

2022 is a major election year. The upcoming midterm elections are set to be a showdown between the majority Democrats and the ascendant Republican party. 

The great thing about these elections is that so many races and referendums are also held at the state and local level. This gives citizens the opportunity to vote for candidates and policies which are pro-police!

These election cycles are a great opportunity for our organization to raise awareness and gain traction for law enforcement causes at the grassroots level. To help our members and readers navigate important issues during these election cycles, we compile a voter guide.

This year’s American Police Officers Alliance 2022 Voter Guide focuses on three main issues:

  • Illegal Immigration: The guide explores ways in which the current illegal immigration policies of the federal government have led to a record high crisis level of migrants crossing our Southern Border and causing havoc on local law enforcement. 
  • “Refund” the Police: It explores how the “Defund Movement” has failed and led to spiking violent crime rates. 
  • Police Oversight Boards: It looks at how Police Oversight Boards have become increasingly political and will be future battlegrounds for law enforcement policies in the future.

We hope that this year’s Voter Guide will help educate citizens on what the most pressing issues are and will help them identify the best candidates and policies to support for law enforcement.

Click here to download the 2022 Voter Guide and share it with your friends and family.