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Coffee Company Focuses on Veterans & Police

There are many coffee companies, such as Starbucks, that have catered to the far-left political movements like Black Lives Matter. Now, there is a coffee company that supports our veterans, our men in blue and our second-amendment rights. Black Rifle Coffee Company is a conservative-themed coffee company based in Salt Lake City and aims to help thousands of veterans. 

Black Rifle Coffee Company was founded by Evan Hafer who served in Iraq as a Green Beret and a CIA contractor in Afghanistan. 

Hafer was interviewed by FOX and said he believed, “The main concern I have is with the veterans that have been physically and psychologically injured by the wars. I think that as the wars age, they somewhat become forgotten. And it’s kind of my responsibility to my subculture in my veteran community to fund a lot of those initiatives to give back.” 

Hafer expressed that the company’s long-term goal is to hire at least 10,000 veterans. 

Coffee or Die 

Black Rifle Coffee Companies’ products include the AK-47 espresso, the “Thin Blue Line” medium roast, and the “Coffee, or Die,” among many others. The company also offers apparel, including hats and blankets, and has dominated charity initiatives for veterans and veteran-related causes.  

Black Rifle Coffee Company - American Police Officers Alliance

Hafer started roasting coffee in 2006 from his Salt Lake City garage. He sold it online before launching the Black Rifle Coffee Company in 2014.

Now in 2022, Black Rifle Coffee Company runs 12 stores across many states and plans to open more. They employ over 900 people, maintain a subscription service of 300,000 members, and have its own magazine, “Coffee or Die” which has journalists on the ground in Ukraine covering the war in real-time. 

“Black Rifle Coffee is the only coffee company in America, for instance, that has three journalists on the ground in the Ukraine fight, which is pretty unheard of because they’re right on the front lines, writing directly for the blog. They’re all special operations veterans,” Hafer reported. 


Hafer reported that from the beginning he heard all of the excuses why he shouldn’t start a conservative coffee company but the company has managed to grow despite the naysayers. People said the company would only appeal to a small portion of the country and how it did not have much potential to grow. 

“I heard we would only (bring in) $10 million annually. I heard that we would only find 5,000 subscribers. I’ve heard it all. I’ve heard it literally thousands of times,” reported Hafer. 

In the last year, Black Rifle Coffee Companies’ revenue has grown by nearly 35%. From the looks of it, Black Rifle Coffee Company will continue to grow and expand across the United States!

American Police Officers Alliance supports private companies’ public support for police! More companies need to step up and change the narrative against our law enforcement!

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