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Daniel Cameron Best Choice for Kentucky Attorney General

Daniel Cameron has recently won a heated primary for the Republican nomination for Attorney General of Kentucky.  Cameron is an attorney at the moment, and his only involvement in politics up to this point has been as a staff lawyer for Mitch McConnell.  McConnell’s support was an asset to him in the race, and likely will be in the general election to come.  

He defeated an experienced opponent, state senator Wil Shroder, Jr.  (Shroder’s father, Wil Shroder, Sr., was a Kentucky Supreme Court justice, so law ran in his family.)  It was admittedly a nasty primary, and barbs were traded throughout between Cameron and Shroder, mostly stemming from the fact that Shroder was a registered Democrat in the past.  Shroder’s lengthy experience was mostly what he ran on, denouncing Cameron as an inexperienced upstart who was running needlessly mean-spirited ads.  

Daniel Cameron

The current Kentucky Attorney General, Andy Beshear, is running for governor of Kentucky.  Beshear, a Democrat, has battled Republican Governor Matt Bevin’s administration continuously for the past few years, defeating a few of his proposals and initiatives in court and slowing down his ability to govern.  A change is greatly needed for Kentucky.

Cameron will run against an experienced Democrat named Greg Stumbo, who was formerly Kentucky’s Attorney General, and a speaker of the State House.  As he had no primary challenge himself, he has had time to sit back and collect donations. Hopefully, Cameron’s primary spending doesn’t impact him in the general election – him winning by about ten percentage points bodes well.

It is imperative that Cameron prevail in this race.  Kentucky has not had a Republican Attorney General since the 1940s, and this tired repeated nature of government needs to be broken out of to better the state, especially in these trying times.  Cameron might not have experience as rock solid as any of the other men mentioned in this op-ed, but lately, it seems lack of experience and a fresh set of eyes has actually been a benefit to the country politically. 

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