American Police Officers Alliance - Update-min

Welcome Daniel Stuebs, American Police Officers Alliance Treasurer of the Board of Directors

We at American Police Officers Alliance would like to extend a warm welcome to Daniel Stuebs, Treasurer of the Board of Directors. Daniel comes to us with an extensive history managing fundraising efforts for a number of campaigns at the state level.

We couldn’t be happier to have Daniel join our ranks. He brings a critical voice to our Board as we seek to identify and support national and local elections that impact law enforcement. He will work closely with our leadership to define candidate endorsement and funding strategies. Daniel’s efforts have already made a difference. He played a leadership role in the recent 2018 Primary Elections helping us support two key local sheriff campaigns in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

We asked Daniel about his vision for the organization and his point of view regarding the political state of the nation pertaining to law enforcement issues. His common sense approach, coupled with his depth of knowledge on the political process and law enforcement issues, will be a boon to the growth of our expanding organization.

“For the mission of the American Police Officers Alliance, it is my goal is to encourage normal civilian populations to get back to civility with police officers. If you look at the news, and even social media, when there’s a story about a police officer from CNN and you read the comments, even if it’s an officer doing well, the vast majority of the comments are negative. And that sentiment isn’t sustainable. And it’s up to our leaders in this society to help influence change. It’s our mission as an organization to help recognize those leaders and support them in changing the climate for the better”

– Daniel Steubs

The American Police Officers Alliance is glad to have you onboard Daniel.