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American Police Officers Alliance Decries Biased Police Oversight Board, Members in Rochester, NY

Alexandria, VA – National grassroots political organization, American Police Officers Alliance, made a formal statement condemning Rochester’s Police Accountability Board today. American Police Officers Alliance has been following developments on police oversight boards all over the nation, including Rochester, New York. Police Accountability Boards are one of the main focuses of this grassroots political organization, and the organization has developed many resources for supporters to help inform and engage citizens on this issue. 

One of the main concerns is the lack of requirements for those that serve on these boards. “There is too much opportunity for bias and politics on these oversight boards. Most of the boards that have been commissioned do not require any background in justice or law enforcement. The people that are elected to these boards could be blatantly anti-police, and there are no restrictions on letting them serve even though there is a clear conflict of interest,” stated Executive Director Daniel Stuebs. 

The most recent development in Rochester, New York confirms the organization’s concerns. Local news stations are reporting that a Rochester Police Accountability Board member recently attended a protest rally at the police station. “This proves that there is true bias against our officers living on these civilian oversight boards,” continued Mr. Stuebs. “Citizens in Rochester need to stand up and demand change. At the very least, the citizens that serve on the police accountability board should be screened for bias or conflict of interests. And there need to be rules to how these board members interact with our officers and the public.” 

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