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As November Nears, Democrat Politicians Distance Themselves from Minneapolis Anti-Police Ballot Question

“Yes. We are going to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department and replace it with a transformative new model of public safety.”

Those were the words of Minneapolis City Council President, Lisa Bender, in June of 2020 after the death of George Floyd in police custody.

Since then, the City Council proudly defunded their police department and paved the way for a ballot question on this year’s local elections in November which would finally give the fatal blow to Minneapolis Law Enforcement.

The ballot question would allow the City Council to take complete control of the city’s law enforcement, eliminate police staffing requirements from the City Charter, and all but guarantee that the police department is replaced with a new “Department of Public Safety,” constructed and overseen by the same Leftist City Council which vowed to abolish the police.

The only problem with the City Council’s bold new vision for American Law Enforcement is that it is an utter failure.  And a dangerous failure at that.

Since the City Council went to war against the Minneapolis PD, crime has surged in the city and police officers are abruptly retiring or outright fleeing their jobs.

Even Democrat politicians understand the insanity of this ballot measure, and many moderate Democrats are voicing their objections to the question.

KARE 11 covered the following statement from Democratic Congresswoman, Angie Craig in August, where she called the bill “shortsighted, misguided and likely to harm the very communities that it seeks to protect.”

Even spokespeople for Democratic Senator, Amy Klobuchar, made sure to create as much distance between their boss and this ballot question as possible:

“She has also repeatedly stated her opposition to defunding the police. She does not support this ballot measure.”

Why are “moderate” Democrats opposing this bill? Because it is an unpopular, radical partisan attempt to create a state-controlled take over of law enforcement in the city. Minneapolis has deteriorated since defunding their police department, why would this measure be any more successful?

It won’t and the people of the city will be the ones who suffer.

Image Credit: Photo by Munshots Unsplash

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