Police car burning with police standing on the side

End “The Anti-Police Agenda” with Our Votes!

Hard to believe that it has been nearly two years since Americans went to the polls to elect their next president. Sadly, the consequences of this last election are plain for all to see. Joe Biden and the Democrats’ victory in 2020 has led to two years of disaster for this country and its law enforcement.

For the past two years, we have seen criminals become emboldened, crime has risen, and radical politicians have done everything they can to “Defund Police” and undermine the safety of law enforcement and the American public.

We knew that what was presented as “equity,” “social justice,” and “reform” was really a political campaign to seize the reins of American law enforcement. We needed to expose this movement and the lies being told which is why we created the “Exposing the Anti-Police Agenda” series.

This in-depth look highlighted the partisan history of the anti-police movement:

The joint media/political campaign to slander police as “racists:”

And the groups such as ANTIFA that have been used to spearhead this radical movement on the streets:

Now, with nearly two years of evidence capturing the failures of these politicians, we move our sights to a moment that can send a message to the anti-police radicals that have seized control of our communities.

On Tuesday, November 8, we can vote them all out!

National Pro Police GOTV Campaign - American Police Officers Alliance

Over the weeks remaining between now and Election Day, we are focused on Getting Out the Vote for the Midterm Election.

Every election, there are millions of eligible voters who do not participate. And data has shown that less people vote in midterm elections.

Elections can be decided by fractions of the electorate. In the state of Wisconsin, for instance, President Trump lost to Joe Biden by less than one percent of the popular vote.

This year’s election is a must win for those of us who value law and order in America and who want to protect our nation’s police officers from radical politicians and activists. Perhaps most importantly, we must protect our communities from the fallout of these radical Democrat policies.

Our campaign will work to make sure voters understand their votes matter and can change the outcome of an election. As a community, it is essential that we participate in our nation’s democratic processes and elect leaders who share our vision and values.

Together, our votes can stop the anti-police agenda in its tracks!

Vote for pro-police candidates on November 8th. Our cities, communities, and country depend on it.