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Exposing the Anti-Police Agenda

Over the last two years, our organization has been devoted to exposing the dangers of the anti-police agenda. This agenda is multifaceted and synchronizes street activism and activist leftwing legislation with a largely sympathetic media to frame the narrative for the public’s consumption.

Who could forget the calls to defund police departments as cities across America burned? How many of these criminals were ever prosecuted? And when the activists got their way, slashing police budgets, what did our communities get from the deal besides more violence, crime, and chaos?

We must continue to combat the anti-police agenda and our video series aims to do just that.

Exposing the Anti-Police Agenda

Exposing the Anti-Police Agenda” is a series of short videos which will engage the public on the real ambitions, tactics, and propaganda of the groups bent on “reimagining” policing, transforming American streets, and ultimately, emboldening criminals while endangering law enforcement and our communities.

Central to our series will be the role of radical anarchist group, ANTIFA.

ANTIFA was central in the chaos of the 2020 riots across our cities and to understand the anti-police agenda, the public must first understand ANTIFA.

Our video series aims to open discussion on the anti-police movement. We will cover local impacts of anti-police policies, the fallacies of white supremacy in law enforcement, and the rise of violent crime in America since this toxic movement gained traction.

Anti-police radicals will continue to push their agendas, so we must continue to push back! We are excited to share this project with you and hope it will lead to more informed voters, more involved citizens, and ultimately an end to the radical agendas seeking to destroy law & order in America.