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Florida Supports Police – Get Out the Vote in November!

Over the last two years of chaos in states across America, Florida has remained a bastion of law and order. The conservative leadership of Ron DeSantis and Florida’s legislators stood up for police when radical Democrat politicians wanted to defund and demonize them.

Under Republican leadership in Florida, police were supported.

After other states allowed rioters to rampage in their cities, Florida passed an anti-rioting law which strengthened penalties against those who organized and participated in violent riots, defaced monuments, and assaulted police.

Amidst the madness of “Defund,” and entire states firing those who would not get vaccinated, Florida offered a $5,000 signing bonus to any officer who would relocate to the state.

And this year, Florida has remained a hotbed of political controversy. Particularly, over how Governor DeSantis has exposed the liberal hypocrisy on illegal immigration.

Democrats were outraged when Governor DeSantis sent illegal immigrants to one of the wealthy’s favorite playgrounds, Martha’s Vineyard. Naturally, Martha’s Vineyard did the compassionate thing and kicked them off the island! Was this a political stunt? Perhaps. But it captured the reality of what illegal immigration is really about.

Florida Supports Police - American Police Officers Alliance

If Martha’s Vineyard was overwhelmed by a small cohort of illegals, what is happening to border communities across the southern United States being inundated with hundreds of thousands of “migrants?” While it seems forbidden to mention it, mass illegal immigration often brings crime as well.

Just recently in Florida, three illegal immigrants were arrested for looting in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. Mass illegal immigration is a threat to our communities and an unnecessary burden on our law enforcement resources.

Ron DeSantis and Florida Republicans have stood up for our police and our communities with professionalism and tact at a time when Democrats and Joe Biden have worked endlessly to destabilize them with their law enforcement policies and open borders agenda.

Now we can stand up for them by voting in November!

As part of an effort to galvanize pro-police voters across the nation, our organization is excited to announce a nationwide Get Out the Vote campaign, and in Florida, we see an opportunity to keep the momentum going for pro-police policies and leadership.

Our multifaceted campaign will reach out to registered voters via text, social media, and digital advertisement on platforms such as Facebook.

The failures of the Democrats and their anti-law enforcement agenda is a major opportunity for conservative leadership to take control in November. But we as voters must participate!

For example, the 2020 Presidential Election resulted in record voter turnout, but there were still nearly 40% of eligible voters in Florida who did not participate in the last election. And the data shows that midterm elections often yield fewer voters than presidential ones.

Recently, primary results in several Florida counties demonstrate that this year may be no different. Bay, Jackson, and Walton counties, for instance, achieved only 30% or less voter turnout in this year’s primaries.

While this is certain to be higher in November, bear in mind that 10% fewer voters showed up in the 2018 midterms than in the 2016 presidential election.

What were the results? Increased Democrat participation and a loss of the House for Republicans.

Our Get Out the Vote in Florida campaign is a reminder that like in 2018, midterm elections have consequences! If you are inclined to sit this one out, or think your vote won’t make a difference, we’re here to remind you that it does.

In these divided times in our nation, every election is important. If we are to keep the strong pro-police base that has been built in Florida, we cannot afford to stay home in November. We’ll be doing our part, make sure you do yours and vote!

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