APOA - Op Ed Daniel Stuebs

Floyd’s Law Initiative

With the start of a new year, many new laws and vote initiatives will be launched. This year, many of these initiatives will be geared towards police. Some of these will be helpful towards police and others will be extremely harmful to police. One of these harmful initiatives is currently happening in Washington State. Called ‘Floyd’s Law Initiative,’  this is an extremely dangerous initiative that would vastly hamper the police in their ability to do their job. 

Floyd’s Law initiative is a very dangerous precedent that will significantly hinder the police in their ability to do their job. The law states that civilians will be encouraged to record police interactions and intervene if they feel excessive force is being used. From the way this law sounds, it will be creating a bunch of civilian vigilantes to watch every interaction with police. In today’s society, almost everyone has smartphones and will be recording everything that happens. The most dangerous aspect of this proposed law is telling people that they should intervene if they feel that excessive force is being used. Who is to say that criminals won’t use this law to stop officers from arrest. It would be safe to assume that you could have people in the leftist cities following cops around everywhere to make sure that they are not using excessive force and intervening when they want.  

The text of the law also states that people will have to take a class and gives them details on what to do when they believe excessive force is being used. From how that sounds it will be a class teaching people to be cop observers. The class will teach people on what excessive force looks like and when they should intervene. The problem with that is that when people might intervene when they should not and hinder officers doing their jobs safely and effectively.  

Thankfully this voter initiative did not make it onto the November ballot. But this should be used as a warning to everyone out there that supports the police. This voter initiative shows how far the left will go for “police accountability”. Everyone needs to keep watch for voter initiatives and new laws that will start to hamper police work and put our officers in danger. Eventually these laws will become the new normal in leftist cities and the police will either start leaving or not do anything. 

In the wake of George Floyd’s death, protests exploded across the country, and got the attention of an out-of-work population (and the entire world) for all of June 2020. Since straight abolition of all police forces in all cities across the United States is not going to get strong support anytime soon, activists have decided to go after lower hanging fruit: police presence in schools.