Highlights from CPEC 2021

On March 20th, the American Police Officers Alliance was proud to have sponsored the Conservative Political Education Conference 2021 (CPEC 2021) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was a day-long event sponsored by the Wisconsin Conservative Digest, which featured an exciting itinerary of important discussions, kicked off by a Prayer Breakfast promptly at 8 am. From there, the day progressed through a series of engaging speakers from congressman to veterans as we explored the central theme of preserving and advancing the conservative movement in America.

The conference highlighted Green Beret Special Forces warrior and author, Greg Stube. Greg enlisted in the US Army as an infantryman in 1988 and would go on to an illustrious military career which included joining the elite special operations Green Berets, beginning in 1993. His inspiring story includes an against-all-odds recovery he made after receiving near fatal injuries from an IED and enemy fire in Afghanistan during The Battle of Sperwan Ghar.  Watching Greg energize the crown during his “Defending America” presentation was a highlight of the day and proved that the conservative movement in America has reached a turning point as it resists the radical far left movement sweeping this country.

Other highlights from the day included hearing from some great congressmen on a range of issues. In particular, Wisconsin congressmen Bryan Steil and Glenn Grothman had some great things to say about the direction of the country. They covered important and interconnected topics, with Congressman Steil covering the challenges of the new Biden-Harris Administration and Congressman Grothman addressing the unfolding immigration crisis down on our southern border. The congressmen underscored the multiple challenges this new administration and general balance of power in Washington poses to the conservative movement. From the immigration crisis to new gun laws being floated through Congress, the conservative movement in America must remain vigilant of the threats posed to American liberties by the new Democrat regime in government.

We are proud to have been involved with this event because as the Left in America continues to grow more aggressive in their agenda, it is the police who will feel much of the blowback. When Leftist politicians attack Law & Order in America with ineffective and dangerous reforms, it is police and the communities they serve put at risk. When the Biden Administration ends wall construction, reinstates “catch and release,” and allows tens of thousands of unknown migrants to illegally enter the United States, it is police and their communities being exposed to potentially dangerous criminals. When the government imposes increasingly unconstitutional gun laws, such as red flags, it is police who are sent into volatile situations and the citizens of their communities whose rights are infringed. For these reasons alone, being part of the CPEC 2021 was a proud moment for our organization as we continue to advocate on behalf of Law Enforcement and law-abiding citizens who are increasingly targeted by Leftwing politics.

American Police Officers Alliance