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More 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries Added in 2020 Elections

Every election season, almost all our attention is directed at the people running for government office. Their histories, what they stand for, and what they propose to accomplish if elected are all relevant, important questions to focus on when we go to the ballot boxes. But in every election there are state and local ballot measures which give voters the direct ability to immediately shape the daily lives of communities and have an immediate impact. As the government seems to grow even greater in size and power every year, our individual rights and our Constitution appear to become more marginalized in the process. This could not be truer when it comes to the 2nd Amendment. Our fundamental God-given right to bear arms in self-defense are increasingly under attack as the government seeks more and more control over our daily lives. In response, counties and cities across the country have voted to pass Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinances (SASOs) to combat this growing infringement by politicians on our Constitution.  

In the state of Oregon, where Leftist riots and protests have lasted throughout the year, four counties decided to put pro-2nd Amendment ballots up for their voters on November 3rd. The measures passed in two counties, Columbia & Umatilla. The Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance stated the following, according to

Any county agency or employee found guilty of violating the law would face a Class A violation, plus a $2000 fine for the employee, $4000 for the offending agency.

The SASO defends the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. It employs the idea of “Shall not be infringed” by eliminating local enforcement of the many state and federal restrictions limiting the ability of individuals to protect themselves, their families, and others.

Second Amendment Sanctuaries - American Police Officers Alliance

In short, the ordinance dictates that the county may not use any resources or employees to enforce state or federal regulations on the county citizens’ right to bear arms. According to KGW8 News, “Unofficial results show 62% of Umatilla County voters supported the SASO. A similar ordinance narrowly passed in Columbia County, 50.78% to 49.22%.” The news outlet also notes that the passage of these ordinances could still face legal challenges “due to potential conflicts with state and federal law.”

Voters in the state of Montana also made their voices heard at the ballot box on Election Day, passing a significant referendum on protecting the 2nd Amendment in that state. reports that the referendum:

…bars localities from exercising “any power that applies to or affects the right to keep or bear arms.” Cities, counties, and other local authorities will no longer be able to regulate where Montanans with state permits can concealed-carry their firearms, restrict people from owning guns beyond what state or federal law says, or limit where they can openly carry firearms outside of government buildings

The site also reports that this referendum was identical to legislation vetoed by Democrat Governor, Steve Bullock, in 2019, which would have canonized this 2nd Amendment protection into state law. Despite gun control groups spending upwards of $1.4m to defeat this ballot measure, it passed with 51% of the vote and is scheduled to take effect January 1st.

These were the three counties in America which specifically placed 2nd Amendment Sanctuary referendums on the ballots in 2020. However, they are reflective of a growing trend within the United States which is moving to counter the radical Left actions on restricting America’s right to bear arms. For example, just prior to the election, the Nampa, Idaho City Council declared:

“The Mayor and City Council are opposed to any legislation that would infringe upon the right to keep and bear arms or ban the possession and use of any firearms now employed by the individual citizens of Nampa, for defense of life, liberty and property.”

What started as a grassroots campaign to protect American’s right to self defense through “Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinances,” is now turning into a nationwide movement to protect our Constitution. These are the latest locations in America who are taking up the fight for our 2nd Amendment rights, but they will surely not be the last. 

Indeed, the red flag law has put many law enforcement officers in difficult positions. The reality is that the 2nd Amendment expressly protects an American citizen’s right to bear arms. So who is to draw the line in the sand regarding enforcing this constitutional right while also protecting individuals from harming themselves or others? For many officers, it’s a literal rock and a hard place they’re stuck between. 

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