Antifa - American Police Officers Alliance

New Mail Insert: ANTIFA Must Be Confronted

The Election has come and gone, and Americans have chosen their new government. But the issues that spurred the debate of Election Season will not just go by the wayside as America moves forward. There are still existential problems facing our nation. Will America remain a nation of Law & Order or will the mob overtake the instruments of Justice in our institutions? The way our government deals with the Leftist anarchists of ANTIFA may very well determine the outcome.

ANTIFA is an extremist, Leftist anti-government, anti-American movement which first began showing its head at the end of the last Barack Obama Administration. They are a patchwork of “peaceful protesters” and rioters who have infamously entrenched themselves in Progressive cities like Portland, OR, and Seattle, WA. While the organizational structure is currently unknown to the public, they are identifiable through their “Black Bloc” paramilitary garb, and anarchist red “A” insignia often marked on riot shields or flags. Wherever they are found, violence and destruction follow them. They have set fire to public buildings, Federal Courthouses, assaulted Police, and advocate for the overthrow of our duly elected government.

Antifa - American Police Officers Alliance

And yet, politicians in America are silent. While we often hear of the threat of White Nationalists and “Right Wing Extremists” to the internal stability of our country, the threat posed by ANTIFA never seems to register. Congressman Jerry Nadler called them a myth. The Democrat Party as an organization has never once denounced their violence and destabilization of our cities. FBI Director Christopher Wray dismissively labeled the group “an idea.” Ideas don’t threaten the lives of Law Enforcement. Ideas don’t ransack cities. Ideas don’t set fire to American communities.

So, what can the politicians of America do better to confront this growing cancer in our society? They can acknowledge that it exists. There can never be resolution to a problem that half of the country refuses to name. Politicians must stop playing politics with the safety of American citizens to further their own interests. It is true that there are extremist elements in every corner of the political spectrum, but ignoring ANTIFA only emboldens these domestic terrorists. When Police are told to stand down while riots destroy American cities and towns, politicians are betraying Americans. Prosecutors who refuse to charge criminal elements are betraying our Constitution. Pretending ANTIFA doesn’t exist, is a betrayal to our great country.

We are introducing a new mail insert continuing to keep awareness on the dangers of ANTIFA on American society. Politicians on both sides of the aisle must confront this group and they must do what it takes to restore order in American communities. We will continue to advocate for an end to this group. 

Naming them is a good start.

Image Credit: Photo by Thomas de Luze on Unsplash

Throughout the summer, cities across the country have been rocked by violent riots that have seen control of the streets slip into the hands of a violent Leftist movement, called Antifa. Antifa has its roots back to Europe, perhaps as far back as the 1920’s, and its ideology began to pop up in the US in the 1970’s. Read more here.