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News Summary: February 2021

2020 was the beginning of a radical push to completely transform law enforcement and that push is carrying over into this year. We can look at the proposed legislation for 2021 in just two states to understand what progressives are pushing towards. 

In Illinois, they passed a sweeping criminal justice bill that aims to heavily alter the state of policing. This bill is a radical reimagination of policing, one that the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police called “the worst thing to happen to our profession” and “the end of law enforcement as we know it.” 

In Washington, a proposed bill named Floyd’s Law and Review Panel for Police Oversight Initiative aimed to not only create more government oversight of their police departments, but to encourage civilian bystanders to record police activity. 

These initiatives will force police officers to increasingly make decisions based on civil liabilities, political pressure, and  fear of retribution if force is required in the situation.

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