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News Summary: July 2020

As the number of new COVID-19 cases seemingly slow down, police reform was at the forefront of conversation across the country. July consisted of many new cities calling for more civilian oversight boards and expansion of power within these boards. We saw requests for the release of disciplinary records, anti-bias training, along with the removal of qualified immunity. It started to become very clear that the call to defund police is really just a scheme to disband police departments all together. And yet again, there were multiple attacks on police, especially in the cities where riots were taking place.

With all the negativity around policing this month, there was also a number of advocates working to support police and pushing for laws to protect them. Several Oklahoma legislatures showed their support for police by warning about a spread of anarchy due to the current civil unrest and making it clear that they won’t back down to these absurd movements. Police supporting rallies took place, Missouri Governor Mike Parson asked leaders to stand behind police officers is these times, pro-police supporters marched to support the New York Police Department, and multiple country sheriffs proposed new laws to protect officers from violence/hate crimes.

In keeping up with the current events in our country, we’ve been working on some projects this month. We launched our Antifa Facts Campaign and relaunched our petition against Civilian Oversight Boards. Daniel Stuebs’ op-ed on police oversight boards was published in The Washington Times. We discussed the dangers of police oversight boards on our Police Oversight Board Facts and Board President, Ryan Meyer, spoke out about making police chiefs accountable to voters.

Our country is experiencing rough times, with a lot of uncertainty, but we have hope that effective change will be made. There’s a lot of hot topics to discuss and we want to be your best resource. Please keep reaching out to your local legislatures and backing the men and women in blue. They need your support now more than ever.

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