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News Summary: July 2021

We’ve been warning about the dangers of the progressive left and politicians who don’t support the police for months. Unfortunately, July yielded a lot of the things we’ve been working to prevent.

One of the foundational pillars of this attempt to “reimagine policing” is legislative action being designed to bend law enforcement to the will of their political agendas. The most sweeping piece of legislation offered by the government thus far is The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, introduced by Democrats in the House of Representatives last year.

Additionally, executive director Daniel Stuebs says even the Minneapolis City Council knows that dismantling their police department is a terrible idea.

Bill Casey spoke about  not persecuting low level crime and how this type of crime can spiral into much worse and dangerous crime, leaving the community at risk.

Fortunately, legislators in these four states are standing up and recognizing the dangers that this movement poses to their communities.

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