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News Summary: June 2020

This was a month like we’ve never seen before. In the midst of the pandemic and managing the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, our Officers are understandably tired. Law enforcement has been working tirelessly on the front lines during COVID-19, and now this month has also faced a huge upheaval with much of the public turning against them. Officers stood by during protests and riots, continuing to protect and serve even as many people verbally and physically attacked them. 

In the aftermath, we have also seen a knee-jerk reaction by many legislators and public officials. Cities across the nation are calling for civilian oversight boards, and police reform bills are being sent through so quickly that no one- legislators or the public- really has time to digest them. We know that knee-jerk reactions like what we are seeing do not work and only cause more damage. Stay strong and support our officers during this difficult time. Show your support for the men and women and blue, and call on your legislators to take their time looking at real, effective legislation rather than bowing to the windstorm of progressives trying to barrel legislation through.

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