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News Summary: May 2020

May is an important month for Officers across the country. Normally, we come together in Washington DC to celebrate and honor police during National Police Week. This year looked very different as we were not able to hold National Police Week in person. However, the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund was able to host many events virtually, including the Candlelight Vigil. 

We saw some great strides this month to protect officers- including protection from dangerous Civilian Oversight Boards and Red Flag Laws: Oklahoma became the first state to pass an Anti-Red Flag law, and a judge in Rochester ruled that their local accountability board cannot discipline officers. We also celebrated when the Supreme Court reinstated the ban on encouraging illegal aliens to stay in the U.S.A! 

There was some bad news this month though, too. More officers have now died from Coronavirus than 9/11, and officers all over the country are still fighting for protective equipment and hazard pay. Our officers are also being played as political pawns with social distancing enforcement and ever changing laws. 

It is a difficult time for police officers as they continue to serve on the front lines during the pandemic. On top of all of this, police are also faced with biased accountability boards. If you oppose dangerous civilian oversight boards, make sure you sign our petition here:

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