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NSA Holds Firm on Marijuana Stance at 2019 Annual Conference

The National Sheriffs Association (NSA) made decisions to renew various resolutions on issues affecting America’s Sheriffs during the organization’s annual conference back in June in Louisville, Kentucky. One of the most-watched issues coming from the resolutions renewal is if their stance on banning all forms of marijuana use for both medical and recreational use would still stand.  The NSA first approved the resolution back in 2015 relating to banning all forms of marijuana use. 

Resolutions from the NSA are always up for renewal every two odd-numbered years.  The organization polled its membership in advance of the decision to renew the resolution.  A total of 467 Sheriffs were surveyed by the NSA. 65% of respondents said that crime has increased in states where marijuana has been legalized. 84% said that legalized marijuana use has led to increased incidents of impaired driving along with car accidents. 77% of respondents also said that their agencies need increased resources to deal with marijuana-related cases. 

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The NSA reaffirmed its ban on all forms of marijuana usage and also approved a separate resolution to marijuana. This one calls for the Drug Enforcement Administration to reclassify marijuana as a Schedule II drug under the federal Controlled Substances Act. This re-classification would allow the DEA to research on whether the substance has positive effects for medical use along with impairment with increased usage. 

One reason that the NSA has still held firm on the issue of marijuana usage is that state level legalization has not ended the illicit markets that exist. This has resulted in more organized drug trafficking in states that have legalized it. The American Police Officers Alliance will continue to monitor this issue as the NSA provides more further updates.