American Police Officers Alliance - Press Release Launched to Inform Americans on the Issues of Police Oversight Boards

ARLINGTON, Virginia – The American Police Officers Alliance is excited to announce the launch of The new website will serve as a hub to engage and inform the American public about police oversight boards, propose solutions for improving police officer discipline, and provide a call for action for the public to demand accountability from their elected officials.

“ is intended to inform people about civilian police oversight boards,” said Daniel D. Stuebs, Executive Director. “These boards are generally biased against police officers and often lack representation from law enforcement professionals. is meant to inform citizens about oversight boards and to give a call for action if their locality decides to make a change to how police officers get disciplined for wrong-doing.” will also have a section allowing citizens to take action against future attempts to weaken proper oversight of police officers by contacting their elected officials.

“While the implementation of police oversight boards seems to be all the rage as of late, are they truly as effective as they claim to be? It is our position at the American Police Officers Alliance that these boards are nothing but a feel-good attempt to generate press for admittedly difficult situations. However, the effectiveness and over-reliance of these boards are very questionable. Public opinion polling has shown that Americans widely oppose this method of officer oversight and discipline. We believe it is important that the public learn more about the implications of these boards at,” said Ryan A. Meyer, Board President.

The American Police Officers Alliance is a national political organization organized under Section 527. Supporters are made up of police, citizens, organizations and public supporters working together to ensure our nation’s finest and our citizens have a unified voice in politics. To contribute to American Police Officers Alliance, visit

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