Updating the 911 System - Police Technology

Police Technology – Updating the 911 System

As technology continues to evolve, more law enforcement agencies and first responders are now able to access technologies that were once unavailable. New and updated police technologies continue to help first responders catch criminals and respond to emergencies. One of the most important technologies that law enforcement agencies use on a daily basis is the 911 system. 

An Outdated 911 System

In 2016, 179 million 911 calls were made and 80% of those calls were made from a cell phone. 

In this day and age, almost everyone has a cell phone. Landlines are less common and the 911 system that is currently in place throughout most of the country was created specifically with landlines in mind. 

The outdated system has caused dispatchers to be delayed in getting emergency responders to situations that may be extremely urgent. Now, as the technology evolves and more people rely on mobile devices, the need for a better 911 emergency system is becoming apparent. Thankfully, there are many organizations that are working very hard to revolutionize the use of 911 technology. Keep reading to find out what that system looks like!

An Evolved 911 System

A lot of emergent situations may not allow someone in need to make a phone call. They may be in a situation where they have to be quiet or extremely cautious. In these cases, the evolved 911 system allows people to text an emergency to 911. Although texting to 911 is still being implemented into different agencies, the technology is allowing police officers to get to more emergencies and sometimes, even quicker. 

Because the original system in place didn’t have cellular device technologies at the time, a lot of dispatchers weren’t able to accurately locate someone that was in need. Today, a technology called Next Generation 911 is working with MassGIS to improve communications with cell towers. Location data is being incorporated with cell phone GPS’ to better allow emergency responders to locate the person that is calling in an emergency. 

Moving Forward with Police Technology

Aside from an improved 911 system, there are so many other technologies that law enforcement agencies are exploring in order to improve the job that they are doing. Communities rely on law enforcement agencies to keep them safe. With the help of improved technology, this can be achieved! 

It is our hope that as more time passes and things continues to progress, law enforcement agencies all over the country will have access to technology that can help first responders save lives and keep communities safe.