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American Police Officers Alliance Announces New Field Office: “Citizens For Safety and Police” Will Shine a Light on Life on “Defund” Movement in Seattle

SEATTLE, WA. – Grassroots political organization American Police Officers Alliance announced a new field office in Seattle, Washington opening in June. This satellite office will house their newest initiative, called “Citizens for Safety and Police.” The project is designed to shine a light on the hardships being created in the anti-law enforcement environment in both Seattle and greater King County. 

This new grassroots initiative will highlight the true stories of citizens trapped behind the frontlines of CHOP (Capitol Hill Occupied Protest), later called CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone). Last summer, violent rioting in the city led to the formation of CHOP (Capitol Hill Occupied Protest), later called CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone). CHAZ was a lawless occupied zone of multiple city blocks filled with protestors, violent mobs, vagrants, and ANTIFA Leftist agitators. People were robbed, raped, and killed. Yet the Democrat Mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan, called it “The Summer of Love.”

“Seattle is one of the strongholds of this progressive movement, with the infamous CHOP autonomous zone where anarchists held an entire part of the city hostage. Our new field office will work to raise awareness of the politicization of the King County Sheriff’s Office, just months after voters decided to turn it into an appointed position, rather than an elected position,” Daniel Stuebs, Executive Director of American Police Officers Alliance, commented. 

The King County Sheriff’s Office has been transformed into a political appointment by the County Council, instead of a democratically elected position by the citizens. This is the same council which funds the budget of this office, which creates a direct conflict of interests and a slippery slope towards the complete politicization of policing in King County. “Citizens for Safety and Police” will be working at the grassroots level throughout the area to help raise awareness of this dangerous reform and rhetoric. 

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