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American Police Officers Alliance Releases Video on Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities

ARLINGTON, VA – American Police Officers Alliance, a grassroots political organization, recently released a video covering the important topic of second amendment sanctuary cities in the United States. The mission of American Police Officers Alliance is to defend strong police leadership and interests in our nation’s cities and work to elect officials who will stand up for our police force. American Police Officers Alliance supports America’s law enforcement officers by spreading awareness and education about matters that affect their jobs and personal safety. 

The issue of second amendment sanctuary cities is an important one for law enforcement. The recent rise of the “red flag law” has given rise to support for the concept of “Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities”. “These cities are a response to red flag laws that allow third parties to call for the confiscation of an individual’s firearm. This is a slippery slope, and many sheriffs are rising to the call in response to this potential violation of a constitutional right,” Executive Director Daniel Stuebs stated. 

In this newly released video, the concept of Second Amendment Sanctuary cities is further explored. “Spreading awareness and education about the potential unintended and unfair consequences of red flag laws is an important part of fighting this threat to our Second Amendment rights,” Daniel Stuebs continued. 

The video can be viewed here: For more information about red flag laws and sanctuary cities, read American Police Officers Alliance’s recent article here:

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