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Results of 2022 National Get Out the Vote & Targeted Florida Campaign Highlight Grassroot Success, Pro-Police Turnout

Arlington, VA – Results are in on American Police Officers Alliance’s efforts in both a National Get Out the Vote campaign and a targeted Florida campaign to re-elect pro-police candidate Ron DeSantis. 

American Police Officers Alliance’s Florida Independent Expenditure Committee had a major victory last year in Florida. Through a targeted approach to marketing and an innovative use of technology, the organization’s efforts were able to get pro-police voters to the polls and help secure a win for Ron DeSantis and other Republicans down ballot. The grassroots political organization targeted 100,000 pro-police and likely Republican voters, with the goal of ensuring these voters heard our message and would show up to the polls to support the candidate with the best track record on police-related issues. 

American Police Officers Alliance’s Florida-focused video ads had over 620,000 impressions and were shared more than 2,000 times. When it came to voter turnout, 38,000 more voters showed up at the polls for this vital election. This is a 61% increase in turnout among the selected pro-police voters when comparing the numbers to previous elections.

The organization also had success in their national Get Out the Vote campaign, in which they identified 241,249 voters around the country who defined themselves as pro-law enforcement and socially conservative but were unlikely to vote in the 2022 process. American Police Officers Alliance then got to work reaching out to these citizens and encouraging them to vote through multiple channels, including: 

  • A content series with both blogs and videos on “Exposing the Anti-Police Agenda
  • A viral video ad
  • A series of targeted ads and banners on digital and social media
  • And a series of automated calls and text messages

Results show that 89.2% of the targeted pro-police citizens voted on November 2nd , and from the “unlikely to vote” (low propensity voters) group, 64% also voted. This means that 15,523 people who stayed home in 2020 were encouraged to get out and vote in 2022.

But perhaps the most exciting part of this campaign was to see the overwhelming support of pro-law and order citizens. More than ever, American Police Officers Alliance saw how everyday citizens, despite the lies spouted by mainstream media, continue to appreciate and support law enforcement.

​​American Police Officers Alliance Florida Independent Expenditure Committee is an Independent Expenditure Committee created by American Police Officers Alliance. American Police Officers Alliance is a political organization organized under Section 527 with the IRS. Contributions to the American Police Officers Alliance are not tax deductible. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

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