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American Police Officers Alliance Rolls Out Summer Blog Series Ranking States on Police Issues

ARLINGTON, VA.- American Police Officers Alliance, a national grassroots political organization based in Arlington, has announced a summer blog series highlighting how different states rank on a variety of police-related issues. With so much upheaval over the past year in state legislation that affects law enforcement in a variety of ways- from reform, funding, gun control, immigration, and more- it can be overwhelming to try and understand all of the different initiatives at play across the country. 

This “State Rankings” blog series condenses the information into easy accessible and understandable lists for pro-police citizens to refer to. As the anti-police sentiment grows, police supporters need to have access to the right information to combat the war on cops happening in many state capitals. On the other hand, it is also beneficial to see which states are doing a good job of supporting their officers, and what steps they are taking that other lawmakers can replicate. 

The mission of American Police Officers Alliance is to fight for those who protect our nation’s citizens. The organization works at a grassroots level to ensure that our officers have the best local leadership possible. Their ultimate focus is to defend strong police leadership and interests in our nation’s cities and work to elect officials who will stand up for our police force.

The organization has published the first two blogs in the series, with more being published on their website throughout the next few months.  The first article in the series delves into states that are trying to game the system for illegal immigrants. The second article in the series focused on which states and their legislators have stood up against cities trying to defund police. 

Future article topics will include states rankings of current and proposed red flag laws, top 10 states friendly to ANTIFA, states with the most police oversight boards, and states with the most police officer deaths in 2020. 

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