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Seattle Police Chief Resigns

The police have been receiving plenty of negative press over the past few months.  It started with the bad behavior of one officer. Since then activists have begun pushes for the defunding or disbanding of police departments. The movement in Seattle has resulted in the defunding of the police department and as a result of the defunding of the police department, the police chief has resigned.   

The City Council voted to reduce the salary of the police chief, command staff, and cut the budget of the police which will result in the firing of 100 officers. The mayor and the police chief both are pointing the finger at the Seattle City Council.  This is very bad for the city of Seattle. The entire department is under siege from the far left. When the budget is cut like this, it shows that the police have lost the support of the city council. Things will get worse in seattle with the loss of 100 officers. More zones like CHOP could form in the future and crime will go up. Even Black Lives Matter of Seattle has called the resignation of the chief of police a loss.  

Seattle Police Chief Resigns - American Police Officers Alliance

The police chief was forced into this position by the Mayor and the City Council. She states that it was not about the money or the demonstrators, that they had worked to make their police department very diverse and then just turn on a dime without having a plan to move forward is highly disturbing. The police chief of Seattle resigning is highly disturbing for the city.  In a time when we are calling for diversity in our country, she was the first African American Police Chief in the city.  

This is the end result of constantly attacking the police. Eventually police departments will be forced to fire officers due to budget cuts or police officers will resign. It has already happened in Atlanta as well, they had the “blue flu” where officers call in supposedly sick.  It is time that everyone who supports good police officers, take a stand against this police bashing. We need to show that the people that want police defunded or disbanded are the minority. If the police believe that they have no support, it will only result in declining policing. We must make sure that police know that we do support them.  

Some major cities have been taking steps to defund their police departments. This is a vast knee jerk reaction to events that have been unanimously agreed on as an example of bad policing. Two of the leading states on this movement are New York  and California. These two states are starting to set policies in motion to start defunding the police. Read more here.

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