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Joining Sheriff Mack at “Gina for Liberty” Conference in Utica, NY!

If you are a concerned citizen reading this, you are not alone. Across the country, radical politicians are targeting constitutional rights and imposing their agendas on their constituents. In places like New York, politicians are targeting rights like those held in the 2nd Amendment as they move towards their ultimate target: the Constitution of the United States.

Luckily, brave activists like attorney Gina Antonelli are pushing back and we couldn’t have been more honored to participate in a recent Liberty Conference hosted by her activist group, “Gina for Liberty,” in Utica, New York.

The highlight of this October 29th event was the keynote speech given by Sheriff Mack, who we sponsored to attend as part of the push for Constitutional Sheriffs.

Our own Daniel Stuebs sat down with Gina before the event to raise awareness on her mission and what motivated her to get involved with political activism.

"Gina for Liberty” Conference in Utica, NY

“I’ve been doing the last year since I’ve seen as an attorney that our constitutional rights are being violated, and pretty much our Constitution is being shredded before our eyes. Nobody’s following the rule of law anymore, and it’s a matter of great concern for me,” she said.

Violations of the 2nd Amendment is one of her many concerns about the current Governor and state government of New York, which recently passed a law banning guns from “sensitive areas.”

“…if you look, there’s a long laundry list of the sensitive areas like subways, religious centers, Times Square even, so on and so forth. It basically places every place outside of a person’s home is pretty much deemed a sensitive area now.”

Ultimately, these types of laws are seeking to turn law abiding citizens into felons. And Gina agrees that Sheriffs are our last line of defense!

Enter Sheriff Mack.

During his speech, Sheriff Mack addressed a full house on the importance of the Constitutional Sheriffs movement.

Much of the themes outlined by Sheriff Mack are explored in great detail by his organization, the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, and his important book “The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope.”

And in the audience was a candidate for sheriff in Oneida County, NY, Officer James “Jim” Scarchilli. Jim is taking up the mantle of “We the People” in his race and is committed to the Constitutional Sheriff cause. In fact, he even created his own party called, the We the People Party!

“Jim is running because he feels our Constitutional Rights are not being protected, he does not agree with the enforcement of unlawful mandates. He plans to address the departmental issues of low employee morale, staffing and retention,” according to his campaign.

As Sheriff Mack noted in his speech, the movement to end unconstitutional government overreach can succeed if we elect Constitutional Sheriffs and this event was a great opportunity to get an important victory for Oneida County, New York!

Sheriff Richard Mack - American Police Officers Alliance