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The Constitutional Sheriff and Pledging an Oath to Office

American Police Officers Alliance recently posted an introduction to the concept of the “Constitutional Sheriff.” Sheriffs, in general, are constitutionally designated officers of the law who have an imperative role in protecting our constitutionally enumerated rights as laid out by the founders of this country.

Constitutional Sheriffs are those who vow to uphold the rule of law in accordance with our God-given rights in the Constitution. Especially, when they are being violated by government overreach and unconstitutional legislation or executive order.

Well, we believe at the Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) that the police in this country, sheriffs, chiefs, police officers, all throughout the country need to be better trained in the application of the oath of office that they swear to before they can take their jobs. We all know that police personnel call themselves sworn personnel and that citizens who work in a police department are not sworn personnel. 

Well, what are we sworn? What have we sworn to do? What are we obligated to do by virtue of our oath of office? That is where the CSPOA training comes in, and we offer that training to every city and county and state in this country.

Rededicating Law Enforcement applications to a strict adherence to Constitutional norms is the best solution at our disposal.

I believe that the police academies, and the sheriffs and the chiefs of police, and the law enforcement community, need to pay strict attention to the oath of office and train our officers what exactly that means and that they must know the fundamentals that go along with American idealism and our American Republic.

I’ve been asked a lot if I think that one of the problems in the country today is a lack of uniformity in Law Enforcement training. 

Sheriff Mack on the Constitutional Sheriff - American Police Officers Alliance

Here’s what I think.

I’ve been to police academies. I’ve been to the FBI National Academy, I’ve been to the Utah Police Academy, and I’ve been to the Arizona Police Academy. Certainly, we became very familiar with what’s being taught at police academies nationwide. I would have to say that they’re mostly the same.

Ultimately, it isn’t that training isn’t uniform enough throughout the country, but rather that training around the country uniformly fails to adequately educate America’s police officers on their greatest asset, The Constitution.

The problem? Rather than provide a rigorous understanding of our founding document itself, officers are trained on how it may be applied in case law.

My constitutional law class at the FBI Academy was only that, and the professor even said, “We’re going to bypass the basics in order to get into the more applicable case law.” You can’t understand the case law if you bypass the basics.

The training offered by the Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association, seeks to remedy this gap in police training, to provide a deeper understanding of America’s Constitution and the rights enshrined therein:

So, CSPOA starts with the basics. You must know and understand what form of government we have in America if you’re going to understand the police officer’s role in protecting the American Republic. You cannot bypass learning and understanding the Bill of Rights.

At a time where the American public is increasingly at odds over the role and scope of America’s Law Enforcement, the solution is rather quite simple. To move forward as a country, the best thing we can do is get back to our roots and place the Constitution at the pinnacle of Law Enforcement. 

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