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The Number of Constitutional Counties in America is Growing Quickly!

While the exact number of members isn’t claimed by Sheriff Mack’s Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer Association, it is believed that membership is upwards of 400 law enforcement officers. In one hit-piece authored by the Political Research Associates, who tried linking the Constitutional Sheriffs movement with ethnic extremism, it was noted that:

“267 are currently in office, with a significant presence in the leadership of state sheriffs’ associations and the National Sheriffs’ Association, an association founded in 1940 which represents thousands of sheriffs, deputies and other law enforcement and public safety professionals nationwide.”

There are thousands of counties in the United States, and therefore, thousands of Sheriffs. But this movement is growing stronger by the day as the federal government continues its unprecedented infringement of Americans’ Constitutional Rights in the era of Covid-19 especially.

In addition to the rise of the “Constitutional Sheriff,” is the growing movement of counties voting to declare themselves a “Constitutional County.” These twin movements go hand in hand, and while the list of sheriffs who identify themselves as “Constitutional Sheriffs” may not be easily pinned down, we are happy to present an extensive list of Constitutional Counties from around the country.

Cattaraugus County, New York

This conservative New York county’s commission passed the declaration of being a Constitutional County in August 2021. All members voted to pass the resolution, including a Democrat. Cattaraugus County Legislator Ginger Schroder commented on the resolution, stating “If state or federal governments continue to overstep their bounds and intrude into the lives of our citizens with unconstitutional mandates, our legislature will step up and challenge that.”

Pendleton County, Virginia

The Pendleton County Commission unanimously voted to become a Constitutional County in March of 2020. This came following gun control measures which were being passed by the state government and put into action by former governor, Ralph Northam. Pendleton County was one of many in the state to adopt 2nd Amendment Sanctuary & Constitutional County declarations, including Augusta & Rockingham counties. “More than 100 Virginia cities, towns, and counties passed resolutions declaring their support for the Second Amendment and their opposition to any legislation that would infringe on it,” according to WHSV 3 News.

Lyon County, Nevada

The Lyon County Board of Commissioners signed a declaration pledging their county as a Constitutional County in July 2021, according to This pledge came less than a month after two other Nevada counties, Elko and Lander, did the same, pledging “that the Bill of Rights will be upheld in their jurisdictions, even if it means standing against unconstitutional acts by state and federal authorities.” 

Constitutional Sheriff Counties - American Police Officers Alliance

Macomb County, Michigan

In 2020, the commissioners of Macomb County attempted to pass a resolution declaring the area a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary but failed. However, in June of 2021 they got that passed and more. By a vote of 8-5, the county adopted a resolution declaring that “Constitutional sanctuary county is defined as a place of refuge for the law-abiding citizen in regards to the citizens’ rights under the Constitution. Including but not limited to the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.”

Hawkins County, Tennessee

The state of Tennessee has been a stalwart proponent of 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries, and now in 2022, one of the states counties has declared itself a “constitutional sanctuary.” In an 18-0 vote, the county “reaffirmed” the protection of liberties enshrined in both the United States Constitution and that of the state of Tennessee. It further states that no official affiliated with the county “knowingly participate whether by act or omission in conduct that infringes upon any individuals’ rights as expressed by the United States Constitution and the constitution of the state of Tennessee.”

Washington County, Utah

This county declared itself a “Constitutional Sanctuary” in May 2021. “The resolution — which grew out of repeated requests from residents to have the county declared a Second Amendment sanctuary, Commissioner Victor Iverson said — unanimously passed during Tuesday’s commission meeting,” reported the Salt Lake City Tribune.

Worcester County, Maryland

The decision to become a Constitutional County in this Maryland Jurisdiction originated from calls to declare the county a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary. Instead, in May of 2021, they decided they better protect every one of those rights! “…no one amendment is more important than the other in our view, we as we were sworn in we were sworn in to protect the constitution and all the material thereof,” Joseph M. Mitrecic, President of the Worcester County Commissioners, said.

Kosciusko County, Indiana

This Indiana County’s officials were moved to declare a “Constitutional Sanctuary” amidst the un-Constitutional overreach brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.  Through their resolution, the County Board stated that it “opposes the adoption of laws, ordinances, rules, regulations, restrictions and other governmental documents of legal force that unlawfully infringe upon the rights secured by said Constitutions.”

As the government seeks more and more control over the citizens of the United States, expect the number of Constitutional Counties to continue growing bigger and bigger. Many more counties than the ones listed here have proposed resolutions to adopt similar measures. Some have failed, more are waiting to be voted on. The movement to protect the Constitution is gaining strength across America, and we look forward to adding more counties to this list in the days ahead!

Whenever a state legislature passes overreaching violations of their constituents’ civil liberties, or the federal government attempts to impose unconstitutional gun laws, there is a Constitutional Sheriff who can stand in their way. But what exactly is a “Constitutional Sheriff?”

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