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The Threat to American Liberty

What do we mean in America when we talk about liberty? Is this just an idea or does it mean more? In America, liberty means the freedom to worship God as you see fit. It means access to representation and a fair legal process. It’s the freedom to protest your government. It means the freedom to own a weapon and use it to defend your family, life and property. In short, in America when we discuss liberty, we are talking about rights given to us by God Almighty and guaranteed protection by the United States Constitution.

But today’s politicians have forgotten that they themselves are not God. They have forgotten that they have not given us these rights, never mind that they have no authority to take them away. There is a lack of commitment to Constitutional norms in today’s America, and my concern is not reserved solely for government.

The Oath of Office

What concerns me about the government, and in fact, law enforcement today, is the lack of understanding of the oath of office taken by all public officials at every level. The oath of office calls on public servants to “…solemnly swear (to) support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; (and) bear true faith and allegiance to the same.”

In my experience, the problem facing us in this country is the lack of emphasis on this oath. In my travels I have found that education on what this oath means is lacking, and in some cases, non-existent. I don’t know of any academies which train in the oath of office, and only a handful of sheriffs follow this oath to the letter. Many police departments do not pay much attention to it. Straying from the true meaning of this commitment leads to a breakdown of constitutional norms and has brought us to the situation we face today-our rights eroding and being violated.

But corruption starts at the top. While my position is often viewed as an extremist one, I believe it is clear over recent years that the federal government is the greatest threat to our civil rights and human liberty!

Government: Greatest Threat to Liberty?

Look no further than our southern border for proof. The federal government is constitutionally obligated to protect our borders, yet today the Biden Administration allows, if not outright supports, a complete invasion of borders by millions of unknown illegal aliens. US Customs & Border Protection (CPB) recently reported that in December, 2021, 178,840 illegal aliens crossed our southern border. Manipulation from the Left says that these are defenseless women and children in need of shelter. In reality, Mexican drug cartels are profiteering off of the dereliction of duty by the federal government-importing drugs, engaging in human trafficking, and bringing criminals and known terrorists into our country.

The Biden Administration’s violation of their constitutional obligation to protect our borders and sovereignty endangers American citizens and puts American law enforcement at unnecessary risk in their communities.

But the Biden Administration-or as I like to call it-the Biden Dictatorship, has abandoned its duties in other ways too. The catastrophic exit from Afghanistan comes to mind. As Commander in Chief, the president has a sacred obligation to our troops, yet Biden’s exit from Afghanistan was a debacle-a complete disaster that left in its wake dead Americans and billions of dollars of military equipment to the Taliban.

Biden’s handling of Afghanistan has empowered & equipped terrorists with our own military hardware, emboldened our enemies, and left Americans behind. Afghanistan, and in fact, the world, are far more dangerous places than when Joe Biden entered office.

At the heart of the threats posed to our liberty by the government is corruption. Had President Trump handled Afghanistan the way Joe Biden did, had President Trump opened our borders to criminals the way Joe Biden has, had President Trump’s family been as corrupt as Joe Biden’s, he would have been run out of town by the media and the Swamp.

But Biden is protected because he is part of a system even more corrupt than himself. Corruption is the greatest threat to our liberties because politicians in Washington DC will stop at nothing to protect their corruption from being exposed. To prevent full disclosure, the power-hungry governments censor, imprison, and deny citizens’ due process. When law enforcement officers do not abide by the oath of office-by the Constitution-they become tools for the corruption created by the two-party system.


The solution to these problems is the same now as it was in 1776. We must go state by state, county by county, town to town, reinvigorating fidelity to the Supreme Law of the Land-the Constitution of the United States. It will be a long road, but together we can take back our country from corruption and restore the founding principles of this country, while protecting its citizens’ fundamental rights as Americans.

Image Credit: Photo by Miltiadis Fragkidis on Unsplash

Sheriff Richard Mack - American Police Officers Alliance