Two pro-law police bills, two VERY different results

The newly-elected 115th Congress of the United States is clearly the most pro-law enforcement group of representatives our country has seen in the last decade but there are still many in Washington who lack the fortitude to support America’s police officers.

Below are two common-sense pieces of legislation presented in Congress this year. One was passed unanimously, one was split mostly along partisan lines. Both pro-law police bills promote common sense policy in support of police officers, so we wonder why the votes were so different.

Congress unanimously approves Public Safety Officers Benefit Improvement Act

This bill, recently signed in to law by President Donald Trump, will expedite the review process for law-enforcement and public safety officers and their families seeking benefits under the Public Safety Officers’ Benefits Program. As this program provides benefits to officers disabled or killed in the line-of-duty, the U.S. Senate should be commended on passing this bill quickly and unanimously.

This is a clear example of common-sense legislation that provides for the well-being of America’s police officers. Unfortunately, there has been little unanimity on other common-sense legislation from Washington concerning America’s Police Officers

House approves increasing penalties for cop-killers… but along partisan lines

The Thin Blue Line Act serves as proof that many in our federal government would rather play politics than support the law enforcement community. This bill, if signed into law, would increase penalties across the board for criminals who target, kill or attempt to kill law enforcement and public safety personnel. The House easily passed this bill 271 – 143 although it has yet to be passed by the Senate.

Although the passage of this bill is encouraging, one has to wonder about the motivations of the 143 representatives in the House that voted against increasing penalties for cop-killers.

The American Police Officers Alliance is dedicated to educating the public on issues that directly affects America’s law enforcement officers. We encourage you to sign up and join our movement to stay informed on these incredibly important issues and pro-law police bills.

Reminder to thank a police officer this Independence Day

We know that you already sincerely appreciate the service and sacrifice of our men and women in blue. You wouldn’t have taken the time to read this article if you didn’t. But given the increasingly volatile and dangerous climate America’s police officers face every, we encourage you to go out of your way to thank a police officer this Independence Day.

We all know the dangers these public servants face every day from criminals, gangs and violent anti-police movements but the very real threat of terrorism adds an entirely new and dangerous element for America’s police officers. Although we are entirely confident that our law enforcement agencies are well ahead of the terrorists, the unfortunate reality is that the threat of an attack is always present and you can bet that possibility is on the forefront of every officer patrolling local Independence Day parades, festivals and festivals across the United States.

We encourage you to go ahead and tank an officer while you enjoy the holiday weekend. Articulating your gratitude and support personally goes a long way in boosting the spirit of these seemingly tireless officers who, at the end of the day, are regular folks like the rest of us who appreciate gratitude, support and encouragement. And if any people in our communities deserved a sincere “thank you” and handshake, it’s the men and women of America’s police force.

Happy Independence Day and please remember to thank a police officer.