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Vaccine Mandates Forced Upon Tucson Police

With the recent push to get everyone vaccinated against COVID-19, we are now facing the threat of vaccine mandates. These mandates are coming from both private businesses as well as state and local governments. When the government starts mandating that people get vaccinated, it is a slippery slope to losing other personal freedoms. How far will the government go to protect people from COVID-19- including government control over personal decisions?

In Tucson, the city government has mandated that all public employees get the vaccine or face suspension. The Tucson city government is overstepping its bounds in regards to the vaccine. This is something that people should decide on their own. Some people will opt against receiving the vaccine due to religious or medical reasons. These reasons are valid reasons for someone not to get the vaccine. We have separation of church and state for a reason, to keep governments and religious institutions separate. The other reason is due to personal medical issues. There are people out there who are allergic to vaccines or ingredients in the vaccine. Those people should not be forced to get the vaccine either. 

The Tucson police department tried to block the vaccine mandate and they were denied by a local judge. In the article it states that the police department has members considering resigning or retiring because of this mandate. The department is already understaffed. If this mandate is not stopped the crime rate will go up due to lack of police. The morale of police will also go down since they will be working overtime. 

In the end, all of these local vaccine mandates will be decided in the courtrooms. Eventually the Supreme Court will have to make a decision on whether or not these vaccine mandates are constitutional or not. Hopefully the Supreme Court will determine that the decision to get vaccinated is up to the individual. Everyone reacts differently to the vaccine and to COVID-19. We should allow people to make their own choice on whether they want the vaccine. With regards to Tucson, this mandate will most likely hurt the city’s police department. Since they are already understaffed, it could only get worse if officers resign or retire due to this mandate. If they do, it will only be a matter of time before the city council will reverse the decision on this mandate. 

On Jul 25, 2021, the Minneapolis city council added a new ballot measure to be voted on this fall. Soon, citizens of Minneapolis will be voting on if they want to replace the police department with a “department of public safety.” This is going to be the ultimate test vote for the rest of the country- will people buy into the progressive rhetoric and ultimately vote to get rid of their police departments?

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