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American Police Officers Alliance: Working to Elect Those Who Respect Our Law Enforcement

American Police Officers Alliance is a Pro-Law Enforcement organization with one simple mission: to raise awareness on vital issues impacting police on both the local and federal levels. In this hyper-partisan election cycle, a large segment of our society has taken up a radical Anti-Police platform pushed by the media and propagated by complicit politicians. American Police Officers Alliance is fighting against the Anti-Police messaging of defunding and dismantling our Law Enforcement communities by raising awareness of the threat presented by radical politicians, their dangerous policies, and the violent extremists, such as ANTIFA, being unleashed in our streets to further their cause. 

American Police Officers Alliance is working to spread its pro-police message to over 1.5 million voters that believe in preserving our institutions, protecting our protectors, and electing politicians who not only respect the role of police in society, but who will fight on their behalf.

Election 2020 has become a referendum on American values. One side has planted its flag firmly in the ground of Law & Order, and the other on radical leftist policies personified by the violent anarchy of ANTIFA mobs. Throughout much of this year, leftist ANTIFA radicals and criminal elements have been given free reign by progressive politicians to terrorize, loot, and murder. When leftist anarchists destroy private businesses, target public buildings, and kill their opposition in cold blood, Democrats simply call them an idea. In communities such as Minneapolis and New York City, local government has slashed police budgets, and skyrocketing violent crime has replaced the very stability those governments have accused police of destroying. Where the Republican Party has stood by the Law Enforcement community, Democrats prodded by radical Leftists in their ranks, have spent much of this year calling for an end to policing as we know it.

These are the ideas and policies we must confront and destroy. American Police Officers Alliance is fighting on behalf of those who put their lives on the line to keep others safe. The public must elect officials who will fight for the fine men and women who fight for the safety and justice for the rest of us. The choices are simple. Will the American public elect those who coddle left-wing terrorist groups, gangs, and violent mobs? Or will the public stand by Law Enforcement, law & order, and continue the great American tradition of due process under the law? By standing by those who stand by our police, Americans can reaffirm the great maxim: America is a nation of laws, not men. 

Make sure on November 3 you choose law and order.

Image Credit: Photo by Jason Hafso on Unsplash