Executive Director's Report

2019 Executive Director’s Report

With 2019 in the rearview mirror, American Police Officers Alliance is taking time to reflect on last year’s accomplishments and begin work on another successful year in 2020.


American Police Officers Alliance launched our project website, policeoversightboardfacts.com in order to explain, in plain English, why Police Oversight Boards mean trouble for officers nationwide.

Police Oversight Board Facts - American Police Officers Alliance

Police Oversight Boards have few requirements for membership and place undue stress on officers who already have it tough enough. Now, instead of being able to focus on the task at hand, police officers must worry about repercussions and sanctions handed down from an oversight committee that may have zero experience in law enforcement. These Oversight Boards do nothing but place additional red tape and restrictions on police officers who are just trying their best to keep their communities safe.

Police Oversight Boards can negatively impact the police officer effectiveness and morale, and, even more dangerously, can open up the opportunity for activists, like Antifa members, to control or have authority over, police departments.

American Police Officers Alliance has worked diligently to raise awareness of the dangers of liberal-activist-led oversight boards. The launch of our informational website, policeoversightboardfacts.com has reached over 10,000 citizens and helped spread the word that these boards must not be implemented. 

We have been focused on exposing the bias and iniquity of oversight boards for years, and this is the next step in raising awareness of these dangerous institutions.

Stop Activists Petition

Stop Activists - American Police Officers Alliance

American Police Officers Alliance launched a petition to spread the word and activate voters to fight against political activists serving on police oversight boards. As the year comes to a close, we have gathered over 15,000 signatures of citizens pledging to stand up and fight for police officers in their home\towns. Activists have no place controlling our police departments, and you, the public, have made your voices heard. We look forward to continuing our fight in 2020 and beyond to defeat this corrupt system.

Republican Attorney Generals Association

American Police Officers Alliance worked with the Republican Attorney Generals Association to ensure Daniel Cameron won his general election in the state of Kentucky. We knew it was important to stand with RAGA in supporting Daniel Cameron, the Republican candidate, because he was the only pro-police candidate with a proven track record of standing up for our officers. With his election, Cameron became the first Republican Attorney General in Kentucky in since 1944. Cameron has vowed to remain focused on supporting and defending the rule of law and Kentucky’s law enforcement community.


Prop 205 - American Police Officers Alliance

American Police Officers Alliance is proud to have partnered with Citizens4Tucson to defeat Proposition 205; a local bill that would have turned Tucson, AZ into a sanctuary city and essentially given illegal aliens a haven safe from the law.   This also would put Tucson at odds with state bill SB 1070, which was one of the strongest anti-illegal immigration laws in the United States.

Allowing cities like Tucson to become havens for illegal immigration adds untenable strain to local police officers, infrastructure, and resources. Resources are better spent determining legal paths to citizenship and protecting law abiding Americans, rather than illegal aliens.

Looking Ahead

The American Police Officers Alliance will be looking to have many plans to help out our nation’s law enforcement in 2020.  With 2020 being a big election year, we will be doing plenty of research to find the best areas to give aid and assist. To help voters and members to understand out plans for 2020 we will be coming out with our own voter guide to help guide our members and voters in the country.

American Police Officers Alliance had a successful 2019, but we are always looking to the future to find out how we can make a positive impact. 

We are keeping an eye on what will prove to be contentious sheriff’s races, like the ones in McLennon County, Texas, and Broward County, Florida. We will continue to stand up for sheriffs who vow to uphold the rule of law and execute their duties to the fullest extent.

American Police Officers Alliance is compiling a list of jurisdictions that are considering Police Oversight Boards and we pledge to continue our fight against this dangerous institution.

American Police Officers Alliance