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2020 Elections: Vote for Police, Vote Against Antifa

This has been a driving concern in the 2020 Presidential Elections after months of hyper increases in violence in Democrat-run cities. Minneapolis “defunded” their police department and are now regretting their decision. New York City disbanded their Undercover Unit and police funding by one billion dollars, resulting in violent crime going off the charts. Chicago has dozens of shootings every week, Portland is a leftist hotbed of violent rioting, and parts of Seattle completely fell to left wing Anarchists, which Mayor Jenny Durkan called “The Summer of Love!”

When we think of Law & Order, we can ultimately reduce the conversation to two main points: Do we support our police or do we support the leftist insurrection of ANTIFA?

What is at stake for Law Enforcement and our communities in the 2020 Election? Who or What is ANTIFA?

To help our members understand, we have covered the issues in our updated voter guide and informed our community on the threat of ANTIFA.

As outlined in our Voter Guide, the threat to our Law Enforcement communities is multi-pronged. The first and most dangerous element of the nationwide attack on police is the threat of budget cuts, or “Defunding.” As noted above, the defund movement has already had a host of victories in cities run by progressive liberals, to the detriment of citizens who live there. In cities who are taking this soft on crime approach, violent crime is surging.

The second aspect of the threats to police is the seemingly coordinated effort of the media and left wing politicians in treating “police” as a monolith group, hunting down minorities and violently killing them. The death of George Floyd rightly created a national uproar. But are police indiscriminately targeting African Americans for extrajudicial murder? The stats do not suggest this. In the case of Jacob Blake, Kenosha, WI was set ablaze at the mere rumor of police impropriety. Local politicians condemned police before the facts were known. The media targeted the officers before quietly brushing aside Blake’s active warrant for sexual assault on the woman who called911 on him that day, virtually suppressing footage which captured Blake’s violent resistance and possession of a weapon.

Vote against Antifa - American Police Officers Alliance

The irresponsible and inflammatory rhetoric used by politicians and media figureheads is creating a firestorm of violence and acting as a dog whistle to violent extremists, such as ANTIFA, or run of the mill gang bangers out to injure police. They are targeting police for assault, attempting to burn Federal Agents alive in the Portland Federal Courthouse, and in the case of Compton, CA, attempting to murder them in cold blood. Of course, no politician has explicitly called for the harm of police. But what is the intent of calling rioters “peaceful protestors” and convicting officers in the court of public opinion without even a shred of due process?

Indeed, ANTIFA has been the tip of the spear in destroying communities and targeting local police & Federal Agents, particularly in Portland, but elsewhere as well. Why are they being allowed to riot with impunity for well over 100 days straight? Why is Mayor Ted Wheeler calling for an end to the cross deputization of local law enforcement and the Feds? Probably because this has been the only effective measure in prosecuting ANTIFA rioters.

As we covered previously, ANTIFA is a loosely affiliated coalition of violent leftist extremists who terrorize communities under the pretense of “Anti-Fascism.” It is a group which has its origins in Europe dating as far back as the 1920s, coming to prominence particularly in the opening stages of Fascist movements, such as the NAZI party. The group is believed to have been in the United States since the 1970s.

Despite what the majority of mainstream media may be reporting in their coverage of nightly riots and leftist violence in America, ANTIFA members are not “peaceful protestors” at “mostly peaceful” protests. They are using lasers to blind officers, arson to target public buildings, explosives such as industrial grade fireworks to fire at Law Enforcement, and incendiaries such as Molotov Cocktails in attempts to burn them alive.

FBI Director Christopher Wray brushed them off as an ideal, not an organization. Why? Perhaps because it has thus far eluded the FBI and other Federal Agencies who are investigating the organizational structure and funding of the rioters as to who is behind them. But as Law Enforcement communities know first-hand, buying expensive riot gear equipment in bulk is not affordable for the average ideologue. Director Wray would do well to ask the Officers in Portland or Seattle if ANTIFA is a philosophical exercise or a violent attack on American communities.

Make no mistake about it, ANTIFA is real, they are organized, and as long as these criminally negligent Progressive Liberals remain in positions of power, they will grow increasingly emboldened.

The November Elections provide the American Public with a clear choice: Law & Order or Insurrection.

Vote like your lives depend on it. Our recent ANTIFA Facts video has reached over 500,000 people already, but we need to reach more. Please consider making a donation to help our advertising reach every American who cares about law and order and the safety of their families and local police officers.

Image Credit: Photo by Roman Koester on Unsplash