2022 Get Out The Vote: Securing Pro-Police Support

2022 Get Out The Vote: Securing Pro-Police Support

At American Police Officers Alliance, we knew we had to be involved in the 2022 Midterm Elections in a big way in order to continue to stop the spread of the anti-police movement. Which is why we launched our targeted 2022 Get Out The Vote (GOTV) campaign focused on over 300,000 pro-police voters in key swing states across the United States. 

The goal of these GOTV efforts was to increase voter turnout and support for conservative candidates that support law enforcement and public safety.

Crime is a Primary Concern for Voters

The primary issue for these targeted voters was crime. Crime rates have been increasing across the United States in recent years, especially in large cities, and liberal politicians have made it clear that they stand on the side of Defunding Police and empowering criminals.

Despite the rising crime and people calling their city ChIRAQ, liberal politicians in Chicago recently ended cash bail which allows criminals to get back out onto streets even faster than before. Scenes of the CHAZ/CHOP zones in Seattle made it clear to most moderate and conservative American voters what will happen in their city if police are told to stand down by liberal anti-police politicians while anarchists take over entire city blocks. 

On a smaller level, videos of emboldened criminals have gone viral, like the video of this man on his bike in Walgreens loading up his garbage bag with stolen goods and riding right out the door, which has been seen millions of times online.  

Our 2022 GOTV Campaign

Our GOTV efforts focused on providing conservative voters with the information and resources needed to help them make an informed decision when voting and to remind them to support conservative candidates who will focus on public safety and reduce crime in the years ahead.

2022 Get Out The Vote: Securing Pro-Police Support

To get our message out, we deployed video ads on Facebook and Instagram targeting these pro-police voters. The ads reached over 500,000 potential voters and resulted in over 1.1 million impressions. 

We created nine videos outlining the history and tactics of the anti-police movement. These videos highlighted the fact that liberal politicians have supported and empowered the anti-police movement with Defund Police legislation, while conservative politicians have largely supported law enforcement. Watch the videos at https://exposingantipoliceagenda.com/.

With these facts in mind, our hope was that pro-police voters would make the right choice and cast their votes in favor of candidates who support law enforcement and public safety. 

GOTV Campaign Results

The full results of the GOTV campaign won’t be known until February or March of 2023, however, a preliminary estimate is that 30% of the targeted voters voted early – prior to election day. If this estimate is accurate, there was likely a large turnout of 60% or more in support of pro-police candidates up and down the ballot in these targeted areas, benefitting conservative candidates for office.

By targeting pro-police voters in key swing states, our goal at American Police Officers Alliance was to increase support and voter turnout for conservative candidates who are in favor of law enforcement and public safety. With a potential turnout of 60% or more for these pro-police candidates, American Police Officers Alliance’s Get Out The Vote campaign could be a huge success. We will update once the voting results are in.

Thank you for your Support!

These Get Out The Vote efforts could not happen without our 100,000+ grassroots supporters and thousands of donors and supporters that continue to stand up and support law enforcement in their local areas and across the United States. Thank you!

American Police Officers Alliance