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American Police Officers Alliance Petition Update

American Police Officers Alliance has been fighting for our nation’s police officers against dangerous activists and biased oversight boards for years. We firmly believe that biased oversight boards hamstring our cops and allow leftist activists to manipulate the rule of law for political ends.  Members of these boards can also be appointed by mayors or city councils.  These councils then have the power to stack the boards with members who have political agendas against officers.  We need to free police officers from the tyrannical dominance of biased oversight boards that have no experience and no understanding of what policing takes.

In 2019, American Police Officers Alliance began activating real Americans across the country to pledge to say NO to biased oversight boards in their communities. In the last three months alone, we have gathered signatures from over 20,000 patriots who stand with our nation’s police officers. We are continuing to fight to help law enforcement stand up to biased, unprofessional, anti-cop oversight boards.  

Most police oversight board members have ZERO police experience and some boards even allow activists, like those participating in lawless groups like ANTIFA, to be appointed to the board. Some of these boards even have the power to fire police chiefs, discipline officers, and change police department policy without any bounds on their authority. 

Activist organizations even have some influence on the nominating process for the board members!

Oversight boards risk putting officers at the mercy of these activists.  This needs to stop!!

Join us in standing up for police.

Sign the Petition and Stand With Police Officers!

American Police Officers Alliance