American Police Officers Alliance - Press Release

American Police Officers Alliance Launches National Poll

Arlington, Virginia, May 3, 2018 – The America Police Officers Alliance (APOA) is currently conducting a We Ask America About Police poll. The poll seeks to get responses regarding various issues affecting police. The information gathered through the polls will assist APOA in enhancing its messaging for the 2018 elections at the federal, state, and local levels.

The poll consists of twenty-two questions focusing on Congress, local government and crime. The purpose is to learn individuals’ beliefs on police issues and will be taking place throughout the United States until the end of May.

The American Police Officers Alliance is a national political organization organized under IRS Section 527. Supporters are made up of grassroots citizen supporters, coalitions groups and thousands of donors police, citizens, organizations and public supporters working together to ensure the nation’s finest and citizens have a unified voice in politics. To contribute to APOA*, visit

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Daniel D. Stuebs
Executive Director
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