American Police Officers Alliance - Press Release

American Police Officers Alliance Continues Nationwide ANTIFA Fact Campaign With Direct Mail Drive

Arlington, VA. – Grassroots political organization American Police Officers Alliance is continuing their Antifa Fact Campaign with a direct mail drive that will reach thousands of pro-police citizens across the country. The mail drive started just after the election on November 3rd and will continue into the beginning of 2021. 

American Police Officers Alliance has introduced a new mail insert that will continue their campaign to keep awareness on the dangers of ANTIFA in American society. Politicians on both sides of the aisle must confront this group and they must do what it takes to restore order in American communities. The organization is committed to continuing to advocate for an end to this group.

“As the election season draws to a close, American Police Officers Alliance is continuing to fight against the radical activists taking control of our cities,” said Executive Director Daniel Stuebs. “ANTIFA infiltrators are undermining the rule of law and turning city streets into warzones. Supporters of law enforcement cannot get complacent now.”

American Police Officers Alliance is a national political organization whose mission is to help elect local leaders who respect and understand the decisions police officers are forced to make each day, and will fight for their rights within the political process. 

“We need to continue to support our police and stand up for our police. The main goal of our Antifa Fact Campaign and new direct mail initiative is to bring awareness of this issue to our grassroots supporters and engage real Americans that are willing to stand up against anarchy and Antifa,” continued Mr. Stuebs. 

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American Police Officers Alliance is a nonprofit political organization, organized under Section 527 with the IRS. Contributions made to American Police Officers Alliance are not tax deductible. Not authorized by any candidate or any candidate’s committee.

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Daniel D. Stuebs
Executive Director
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