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Docuseries Project ‘Exposing the Anti-Police Agenda’ Launched Online by American Police Officers Alliance

WASHINGTON D.C. –  A timely and informative docu-series that chronicles, critically examines, and dissects the anti-police movement was launched this week by the American Police Officers Alliance. The newly released “Exposing the Anti-Police Agenda” video series will be an invaluable tool for those concerned with issues of crime prevention, law enforcement, support of our nation’s police officers, and opposition to the “defund the police” movement.  

These videos shine a spotlight on how a small fringe group like Antifa can get elected officials to cave to their demands, and how they got the mainstream media to be a megaphone for their extremist rhetoric. The purpose of this project is to prime voters for the upcoming fall midterm elections and raise awareness about the true source of the anti-police movement.

The first video in the series, entitled “The Truth About the Anti-Police Movement,” notes that the anti-police movement, with its demand to “defund the police,” has many significant inroads. The second video, “The Truth About Antifa,” digs deep into the history of how Antifa arose as a movement, and how it has managed to play a very disproportionate role within the anti-police movement. The third video, “The Occupation of Seattle in 2020,” tells the story of how Antifa and other extremist groups successfully occupied a Seattle neighborhood for months, barricading the police station, and turning the Capitol Hill neighborhood into “a veritable war zone.”

Executive Director Daniel Stuebs commented: “There are many anti-police groups and politicians in the United States that are actively trying to turn society against the police. It is important that we expose their anti-police agenda and raise awareness of their tactics before the midterm elections. Their rhetoric will continue to pose a danger to our country and our people if we don’t elect more politicians that support law enforcement. Please vote for law and order this Fall!”

The docu-series will be distributed across social media and other digital channels. More videos in this series will continue to be released throughout the summer, so check back regularly for updates! If you don’t want to miss a video, subscribe to American Police Officer’s Alliance’s newsletter here.

American Police Officers Alliance is a grassroots political organization organized under Section 527 with the IRS. Contributions to the American Police Officers Alliance are not tax deductible. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

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